Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Charismatically Evoke Curiosity

People may not notice what you say, but they always notice how you act. If you want to elicit the right behavior, start by acting the right way.  Lead by example. You can’t ask your employees to put in the extra effort when you’re not doing the same. You can’t ask people to watch their language while you’re repeatedly dropping four-letter words.  As Eric Thomas says, "You don't beg average people to be phenomenal.  You don't beg good people to be phenomenal.  You just are phenomenal, and you will attract phenomenal.” If you want to live a better life, if you want to evoke curiosity, start by being a better you.

Live Your Story
Your life is a message to the world—make yours inspirational! What is your story?  What’s the secret sauce that makes you special, unique, and valuable?  What are those special qualities that only you possess?  What are the things you most want to be remembered for?  Maybe you’re not happy with your life so far.  Maybe you’ve made some mistakes, maybe you’ve fallen short at times, and maybe you view yourself as a failure.  If so, there’s good news.  Not only are you in good company, as most people feel this way at one time or another, but the rest of your story is yet to be written.  Start with your purpose, your passions, and your priorities.  What are they, how are you living them out, and where can you improve?  The remaining chapters of your story have yet to be written… make it an inspirational best seller!
Produce Fruit
“…the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control” ~Galatians 5:22-23.  That’s one of my favorite verses for many reasons. Trees bear fruit, and when one looks at apple tree, for example, we often judge it’s health by how many big, juicy apples it produces.  Nobody looks at an apple tree and judges it because it tried to produce fruit, talked about producing fruit, or even made excuses as to why it couldn’t produce fruit.  No, it’s a binary answer, either it produced fruit or it didn’t.  People are judged the same way, either we produce fruit or we don’t.  When people see you, do they see someone who is loving, joyful, peaceful, patient, kind, good, faithful, gentle, and disciplined?  Do your actions exude those qualities of greatness that you want to showcase to the world as the fruit you produce? If not, start this very minute to make a concerted effort to exude your qualities of greatness in all that you do.

Be Magnetic
Have you ever met someone and just wondered what it is that makes them tick?  Someone so special, unique, and charismatic that you wanted some of whatever they have?  Charisma isn’t a magnetic physical appearance that attracts others; it’s a magnetic personality that draws others in.  It’s the ability to relate to others on their level. It’s the ability to empathize with others and to make a genuine connection.  My friend Bob is the most charismatic person I’ve ever met.  Every time Bob walks into a room, it lights up.  He connects with everyone, he talks to people, he engages with people and people want to be around him.  When I ask him how he does it, his answer is simple, “People are awesome.  I just love people.”  

Evoke Curiosity
  • Take an inventory of your actions. Are you living out your purpose, your passions, and your priorities?
  • Look at the fruit you’re producing. Are you producing fruit that’s visible to others? Do your qualities of greatness exude from everything you do?
  • Consider how you relate to other people.  Are you glued to your phone, or are you engaging with those around you? Are you exuding love, empathy, and connection to others? 
  • Think about your uniqueness.  What would make your children, your grandchildren, your neighbors, your co-workers want to learn more about you?
  • Lastly, think about your story.  What is it about your story that evokes curiosity, and what’s missing from your current story that you need to write into your future chapters?

You have it in you to live an incredibly joyful, purposeful, fulfilling life that evokes curiosity and draws others in like a magnet. No go out and make it happen.

Welcome to the new you.  Enjoy the journey... 

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