Thursday, April 12, 2018

Manage the Voices in Your Head

Neuroscientists have done numerous studies and have concluded that 95% of our thinking is done by our subconscious mind.  Our subconscious mind is also about a million times more powerful than our conscious mind.  Not only is our subconscious working more, but it’s working faster, which means that our subconscious mind basically controls our life.  Our emotions, thoughts, actions, and decisions are all primarily subconscious responses. If you want to live a joyful, purposeful, successful life, you need to learn how to manage your subconscious mind.

From the time we’re born, our brain is constantly being programmed and re-programmed. In fact, by the time we’re 6-7 years old, our cumulative life experiences have already programmed our brains in ways that will manifest throughout our entire lives. Things we see, things we hear, and things we experience shape our subconscious mind, and later in life when we encounter situations that we’re familiar with, we typically respond without thinking. We just respond.  The good news is that 95% of our brain activity is on a pre-programmed autopilot.  Imagine if we had to consciously process every emotion, every thought, every action, and every simple decision. No thanks!

Voices in Your Head
The challenge is to take control of how your brain is being programmed all the time.  We all hear voices in our heads - not just the mentally ill.  However, we need to recognize those voices and manage them.  For example, when your subconscious says, “You can’t,” you need to consciously say, “I will!”  When your subconscious says, “You always fail,” you need to consciously say, “This time I will succeed!”  When your subconscious says, “I’m not good enough to do this,” you need to consciously say, “I have what it takes!”  And when your subconscious says, "Be afraid," you need to consciously say, "I have the courage to try!" Recognize the voices in your head, but make sure the right voices are re-programming your mind and body for success.

Be the 3%
The most successful 3% of the people in the world have written goals.  Is it the goals that make them successful?  Yes!  The goals not only set the direction, but when constantly reviewed, they serve as positive programming for your subconscious mind.  They tell your mind where you’re going and when you’ll get there.  At this point, the subconscious mind goes into autopilot and guides you to success.  How you talk to yourself is critical.  Goals are a way of telling your subconscious mind what you will do and when.  Affirmations work in a similar way.  Instead of saying, “I want to lose weight,” you say (in the positive and present tense), “I am lean and healthy. My food is naturally sweet. My body is a temple that thrives on whole, natural foods.”  It may not happen overnight, but over time, this positive programming will transform your subconscious mind.

Make It Happen
  • Start with a statement about your 3 Ps.  What’s your purpose in life, what are your priorities in life, and what are your passions?  Write them down.  Revisit them regularly.
  • Next, set goals that will define the steps to achieving those 3 Ps.  What will you do and when?  Write them down. Revisit them regularly.
  • Think about areas where you don’t like what you see in your current life.  Create affirmations (present, positive), and say them daily for the next 21 days.  Be patient with yourself.  If you’re like me, you’ll fail repeatedly.  But as the process of re-programming your mind occurs, you will start seeing little victories along the way.
  • Recognize the voices in your head.  When you hear the negative, subconscious voices speaking out against you, remind them who’s in charge.  Take what you hear and replace it with your own form of positive programming.
  • Believe.  Start with the fundamental belief that you’re as good as any human being out there. You are unique. You have what it takes. You have been carefully designed by the Creator of the universe to do great things. You were created to not just lead an incredible life, but you were created to leave a legacy of greatness for generations to come.  Now make it happen.

Welcome to the new you.  Enjoy the journey... 

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